Different kinds of giving

There are obviously many different ways of giving. Some people give generously of their time and their talents to the church and these aspects are incredibly important. However, in order to continue its ministry and mission, the church needs money and this short leaflet is designed to inform you of some of our costs and encourage you to look prayerfully at your own giving.

Giving to God

It is good to think regularly about this aspect of our discipleship. There is a lot about it in the Bible, and it has always been an important subject in the history of the Church.

Talking about giving to God is not the same as making an appeal for money - it is about prayerfully considering giving in a way that is regular, as a proportion of income and as a sign of our discipleship.

How do I give financially?

There are various ways to give to the church...

St. Michael's

The best way is by a Standing Order from your bank. Contact the Treasurer Paul Stuttle for further details, or download the form and send it to Paul. If you pay tax, please use Gift Aid - the government adds 25% to your gift at no extra cost to you.  

If you are a UK tax payer, you can us Gift Aid to increase the value of your gift at no extra cost to yourself. Use the Gift Aid part of the Standing Order form.

You can, of course, put cash into the collection plate.  

No cash? No problem! You can make a contactless payment using your card and the gadget embedded in the collection plate!  

Or you can use your mobile phone and scan the QR code in the notice sheet.  

Or you can do it online here;  

It is worth considering remembering St. Michael's in your will. Paul can give you further details on how best to do this.

Give while you shop online

It's easy to give while you shop online. And the best bit is that it is at no extra cost to yourself! There are two ways to do this

Amazon Smile ensures that when you shop at Amazon (via the link below - why not bookmark it?) you donate to St. Michael's.   Always remember to use this link!

For other retailers, sign up for EasyFundRaising. As an EasyFundRaising supporter, you have access to 4,300 shops and sites that will donate for free, every time you shop online. This includes all the big names like eBay, John Lewis & Partners, Argos, ASOS, Expedia, M&S, Just Eat and many more!? Just click the button below, and then click the "Support this cause" button.

St. Mary's

Giving in other ways

We all have a gift of some sort, whether it be hospitality, generosity, the ability to provide a listening ear, administration, cleaning, music, art, praying... the list is endless. We would love to give you the opportunity to use your gifts, whatever they are, in the service of God. Want to know how you can get involved? Speak to Chris Smedley or any of the church leaders.

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